KnowledgeCharts™ Privacy

KnowledgeChartsTM collects information required to administer the KnowledgeChartsTM website. When one creates an account, KnowledgeChartsTM asks for an e-mail address, first and last name, and company name. Payments for subscription and optional data purchases are processed by PayPal. KnowledgeChartsTM does not receive information about the source of payment. KnowledgeChartsTM records the IP addresses from which each user accesses the site. This enables KnowledgeChartsTM to detect unauthorized use. KnowledgeChartsTM uses cookies to manage customization of the user interface per the user's selections. Charts contain pixel tags that record the selections used to create the chart. KnowledgeChartsTM collects data about site use, such as the number of times that a chart is viewed, and about the device and browser used to access the website. KnowledgeChartsTM logs this data and analyzes it using Google Analytics. KnowledgeChartsTM uses certificates, SSL encryption, and database security features to protect website data and user data. KnowledgeCharts takes all reasonable precautions to protect your data. As with all computing activities, there is some risk that third parties will obtain unauthorized access to data.

Certain tools of the website enable users to write comments about charts and to share these comments with other KnowledgeChartsTM users whom they select. These comments are encrypted and cannot be viewed by anyone other than the selected users. Certain standard uses of KnowledgeChartsTM generate small amounts of e-mail. For example, when a registered subscriber shares a chart with another user, the registered subscriber may choose to send a notice to the recipient. All users of the website may request to be notified by e-mail when someone responds to comments they have posted. Each such e-mail provides a link or explains how the recipient may unsubscribe.

Certain registered subscribers to KnowledgeChartsTM may create and distribute their own reports or marketing materials to subscribers to their services or to other recipients whom they have selected. Any such services or marketing materials are separate from the services provided by KnowledgeChartsTM are the responsibility of their creators. The reports of these registered users may display charts from the KnowledgeChartsTsM website and may contain links to the displayed charts or to related charts. The recipients of these reports or marketing materials may or may not be users of KnowledgeChartsTM. KnowledgeChartsTM does determine or know the recipients of such services or marketing materials unless the recipients follow the links provided by the registered user of KnowledgeChartsTM.

KnowledgeChartsTM does not release information about subscribers or other users unless required by law. In the event that ownership of KnowledgeChartsTM is transferred to another party, all rights to and ownership of the data collected as described here will be transferred to that party.

To discontinue use of KnowledgeChartsTM and have your account deleted, send an email to the KnowledgeCharts Team,, or call +1 (435) 255-3540.

We may change this policy from time to time. You should check this page to ensure that you are aware of the current policy. This policy is effective from the 25th of May 2018.

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